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There are twenty four diurnal raptor and ten owl species native to Australia.  Whilst owls are not taxonomically classed with the diurnal raptors, or birds of prey, they share many of the physiological characteristics, requirements and traits of diurnal raptors.  They have hooked bills, are carnivorous and, most significantly, use their powerful feet to catch and kill their prey.  They fill an equivalent niche in the environment, and for all practical intents and purposes may be considered "raptorial" by nature.

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Eagles and Hawks




Family Accipitridae

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Family Falconidae
NOTE: "Chicken Hawk" is a name variously applied to a great many diurnal raptors, if not all of them at some stage or another, but most commonly to the Brown Goshawk and the Collared Sparrowhawk.  It is by no means an official name and its vernacular meaning is usually, "otherwise unidentified bird of prey."

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Family Tytonidae

Family Strigidae
NOTE:  The Tawny Frogmouth is frequently mistaken for an owl.  It is not an owl, but a member of the nightjar family.

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