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Australian Little Falcon (Falco longipennis)

Little Falcon (Falco longipennis)The Little Falcon deives its scientific species name of longipennis from its narrow, long-flighted wings.  Often mistaken from a distance for a very small Peregrine Falcon, the Little Falcon shares the Peregrine's widespread habitat and is found throughout all of mainland Australia and across northern and eastern Tasmania.

Little Falcons are sometimes called the "Australian Hobby," after the European raptor they closely resemble.  Unlike their European cousins, however, Little Falcons are bold, fierce, aggressive hunters.

Little Falcons are often found living in open woodlands where their speed and agility enables them to pursue and catch their prey of small birds up to their own size.  As well as hunting birds during the day, Little Falcons also hunt at dusk, catching bats and large flying insects.  Like the Peregrine, they will stoop on potential prey from above, and will also flush their quarry from cover and run it down in a flat out pursuit.

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