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The Society for the Preservation of Raptors Inc offers a wide variety of education packages which can be tailored to the needs of your curriculum, event or area of interest. We are based in Western Australia. If you are travelling from overseas and basing yourself on the eastern seaboard, we are a very long way away, so if you wish to visit Eagles Heritage to participate in training you will need to factor in the time and cost of travel across the continent to Perth, and then south to Margaret River.

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Continuing Education for Wildlife Rehabilitators
If you are a wildlife volunteer interested in learning more about caring for raptors, we encourage you to join the Society in order to take advantage of our training and support network.  As a member, you can be assigned a mentor who will work with you and assist you as you learn.  If you or your group would simply like either a full or half day educational session (seminar or workshop) we can assist you.  The advanced techniques used on raptors are sometimes applicable to many other bird species.

Continuing Education for Animal Health Professionals
If you are an animal health professional (Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinary Nurse) the Society can provide continuing education seminars and workshops for you and your staff in the specialised area of raptor care.  We can train you in safe handling techniques, assessment and primary care, and provide you with emergency contacts who can help you when you require assistance.  Contact us for more information. We have rehabilitators in Perth, Geraldton, Margaret River, Nannup (WA) and Townsville (Qld) who can visit your facility and provide an education session on safe handling.

Continuing Education for Students
If you are undergoing a recognised course of tertiary study to become an animal health professional and are seeking to expand your knowledge and gain practical experience with raptors, we may be able to assist you. Our primary location for this kind of education is the Eagles Heritage Raptor Wildlife Centre in Margaret River so you may need to organise travel and accommodation.  Contact us for more information.

Educational Sessions for Schools
School visits can be tailored to fit in with most class curriculae and our facilitators are happy to discuss prospective sessions with teachers and parents.  We have licensed facilitators based in Perth, Margaret River, Nannup, Geraldton and Karratha in WA and our newest educator in Townsville who can visit your school with raptors for a unique educational experience.   Contact us for more information.

Educational Sessions for Community Groups and Events
Our licensed educators can visit your community group or event with mobile displays and raptors. Event organisers are advised that welfare considerations for our birds are a priority, so our educators may require shade, access to water and a space away from excessive noise from entertainment stages and/or loudspeakers.

To book an individual raptor educator, please see the list below:

Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre - Perth
Ph:   0438 388 383

Perth Raptor Care - Perth
(08) 6369 0705

Dominic and Erin
Raptor Discovery Centre of Western Australia - Muchea
Ph:   0415 871 482

Janelle and Glenn
Just Raptors - Geraldton
Ph: 08 9938 1447

Blackwood Valley Raptor Centre - Nannup
Ph:    (08) 9756 0669 or 0410 439 561

Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association - Karratha
Ph:    0438 924 842

    Phil Pain and Spook the Barking Owl
    Society Coordinator, Philip Pain of Eagles Heritage,
    with Little Spook the Barking Owl at the 2002 Perth Royal Show.
    Education Packages and displays can be tailored to suit your class or community group.
    Our educators are all volunteers.

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